The Court TV Podcast Episode 62

Posted at 9:26 AM, October 22, 2020 and last updated 9:26 AM, October 22, 2020

Due to a recent court filing, we have a clearer picture of how the four former Minneapolis police officers intend to defend themselves for the death of George Floyd – by putting the blame on George Floyd himself. Court TV’s Michael Ayala will join us to help analyze body camera footage of encounter Floyd had with the police in 2019 – and the remarkable similarities it has with the body camera footage from his deadly encounter with the police earlier this year.

George Floyd Killing – 2019 Police Encounter

But does the new video help or hurt the defense? Former prosecutor turned defense attorney Bernarda Villalona will join us to share her perspective on that questions. And host Vinnie Politan will make a case for taking the emotion out of this case as the best way to seek justice. Get the latest updates on and catch Vinnie and the entire team live weeknights 8-11pm on Court TV Live.

To see the 2019 police body camera footage of George Floyd’s arrest, click here.

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